10 More Ways To Simplify Your Life by Susie The Busy Woman

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Some might ask how certain ways listed here will Simplify Your Life. Saving time is a great way to simplify your life. Here are two other examples:
Relationships are an aspect of every day living. Good ones help you flourish while bad ones can contribute to your demise.
Keeping things that are no longer of use or value clutter our spaces, and are sometimes harmful, such as expired medicines or makeup.

10 More Ways To Simplify Your Life by Susie The Busy Woman

1. Keeping up on relationships in this day is a wonderful surprise and joy to your friends. So take a few minutes to write a short note to someone you care about. A handwritten letter gives more joy than you can imagine.

2. Take a few minutes and go through your medicine cabinet and get rid of all expired or old medicines.

3. Make an emergency bag to keep in the house near an exit. Always keep it in the same place. If you have an emergency and you have to leave quickly, you can just grab the bag and go. If you have a middle of the night emergency and have to take a child to the hospital, you’re all set.

4. For your morning crunch, get your lunches and coffee maker ready the night before so you save time in the morning. Make it a ritual.

5. Organize your errands so that you’re not driving back and forth across town. Arrange it so that your grocery shopping is the last item on your list.

6. If you wear makeup, did you know it has a shelf life? Take 10 minutes to go through your makeup and throw away the old.

7. Have everyone in your home do a quick 5-minute clean up before you go to bed at night.

8. If you work from home, don’t try to do every “work from home business” that comes along. Find your niche and stick with it for at least three months. If at that time it’s not working out, try something new. The key here is “FOCUS.”

9. As you try out new businesses or move to a new job, keep all your contacts along the way. Share your new venture (or in my case Adventure) with everyone. You never know who will be interested.

10. Make up all of your birthday cards at the beginning of the year and have the date they need to be mailed where the stamp goes. File them in folders titled with the month of the year. Then at the beginning of each month, pull out that folder, look at whose card needs to be sent, put a stamp and mail them.
(Note: If you write a date that falls within the first 5 days of a month, put it at the end the prior month so you mail it in time.)

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    Number 10 can be a whole lot easier. I use a service that sends you reminders. Some services allow you to create the card online. They print it, put it in an envelope, stamp and mail it for you! Easy!

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