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Time for Moms

Moms are you tired of wondering where your time goes everyday?

Are you tired of wishing you had just a little time just for you?

Do you sometimes feel that the “real you” is lost in the mom or wife category?

Time for Moms is the answer!

Rebecca White is a work at home mom, a soccer mom, a school volunteer, and wears many other hats just like moms all over the world. Read how she learned to take just 15 minutes a day to help revive her body and soul!

“I know there are times everyday where I look in the mirror and wonder do I have anymore to give?” stated Rebecca White “I hear it all the time from other moms whether they work out of the house or work from home. A couple years ago after my third son was born I decided I still needed to have that special time just for me. Yes I am a mother and a wife but somewhere in this body is just “Rebecca” I had to learn to take care of her as well as my family. Once I learned to take just a few minutes a day whether it was just 15 minutes or a whole hour at the gym, I started feeling better the stress was reduced and I felt better not only about myself but about the things I sometimes have no control over. I believe all moms need to learn to take time for themselves everyday, even if its only for 15 minutes a day! In the beginning I had to actually schedule it in my day planner. Now it just comes naturally!”
So Time for Moms was born!

Susie Glennan of the Busy Woman© talks about how long it takes to make things habitual so that it comes naturally. When she read this book she thought there was so much good information that she wanted to offer it as a supplement to her Busy Woman’s Daily Planner©. If you need a little easy reading with a lot of recipes for things to sooth you, this book is for you!

Here’s what you will find in this 61 page e-book, Time for Moms :

  • 5 minutes to apply your make-up and look like you spent 30 minutes on yourself
  • Home made recipes for face masks, pedicures, face scrubs, bath products and more!
  • How to be more organized to make your day to day life easier
  • How to use aromatherapy to better your health, and the best ones to use
  • How to get rid of your frustrations
  • Creating a special basket just for you to use during your 15 minutes a day
  • Tips on how to beat the blues!
  • Quick pick me ups for those days you can’t find even 15 minutes for yourself
  • How to journal your stress away
  • Household hints and tricks to make your day easier
  • SPECIAL charts made just for you to keep more organized
  • Helpful uses for common herbs found in your grocery store
  • Friendship and why its so important
  • A list of online forums for you to go to relax and meet other moms SO MUCH MORE!

Examples of some of the homemade recipes in the e-book

Herbal home remedies for reducing stress:

Boil 4 c water
Steep 3 chamomile tea bags for 5 minutes. Cool
Put into a spray bottle Keep in Fridge
Lasts about 14 days
Shake before each use.

Use cold chamomile tea bags on puffy eyes
put over eyes for 4-5 minutes

Use 2 Tbsp of papaya or avocado with a little lemon juice
mash, work into cuticles for a couple minutes.

Also you can apply canola or olive oil to cuticles
do this 2x’s a week

So if you have been searching for a way to make time for yourself and just are not sure how to do this, Time for Moms is a must READ!

Time for Moms
Time for Moms
Time for Moms
Price: $7.99
Price: $4.99

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