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Joys Of Being An Organized Mom

Joys Of Being An Organized Mom

In 1992 or so, I had to make a decision. I was running a daycare out of my home and had a direct sales business. My oldest child was in public school and things were looking grim for her. The school did not treat advanced children well. So my husband and I made the decision to Continue reading

Homeschool Schedule Sample

Homeschool Schedule Sample

homeschool schedule sample jamie

This is a homeschool schedule sample from when my youngest was in first or second grade. She wanted as much work as her siblings. And she often spent longer playing violin and sometimes finished her spelling early.… Continue reading

Free Homeschool Schedule Template

Free Homeschool Schedule Template

Free Homeschool Schedule Blank 5 day by The Busy Woman

Susie homeschooled her three children from 1992 to 2001 when it wasn’t very popular. She needed a place to write down the first schedules, then modify them from there. She quickly came up with a way… Continue reading

Bible Quiz for Kids by Susie The Busy Woman



1. This boy was left to die in the desert.

2. This boy’s life was saved by a ram.

3. This young woman went with a servant to marry a man she had never seen.

4. This boy was born holding Continue reading

Home School Tips

As a home schooling mom of three children since 1992, I’ve learned that it’s both exciting and exhausting all at the same time. Whether you’re new to home schooling or not, many people find it hard to understand why moms… Continue reading