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A Disorganized Procrastinator's Guide to Time Management and Getting Organized
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About The Company

The Busy Woman’s Daily Planner® was born in 1990 out of a need. The company has evolved into electronic day planner pages that you download, type into, then save and print. We’re working on expanding the website with new articles and have plans for the future that we can’t divulge until they come to fruition.

The Busy Woman’s Goals

* Reach upward to develop your fullest potential.
* Reach outward to nurture relationships with others.
* Reach downward to serve those in your path.

The Busy Woman’s Mission

We are dedicated to teaching others to use their God-given personalities to enhance their lives and relationships by effectively managing their time and staying true to the values in life that are most important to them.

The Busy Woman’s Values

* We believe our lives will reflect our values if we effectively use our God-given personalities.
* We believe our relationships with God, family, and friends should always be nurtured and cherished.
* We believe our every action should portray compassion, integrity, and fair treatment for all.
* We believe our success is determined by our attitude, commitment, and dedication to hard work.
* We believe our personal values are unchanging, but personal development requires a willingness to change.
* We believe our work should reap laughter and joy, fulfillment, and satisfaction.
* We believe our lives will be enriched and rewarded through the sharing of these beliefs with others.

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